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Password of emcrypted/protected pdf is removed using combine PDF method

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Password protected pdf (require password to view + require password to edit) can be bypassed using combine PDF feature, if you have view permission (open password).


a) Create a pdf, encrypt with different password.


Here Open Password is the password required to open pdf file. It can view, but not edit. whereas Permission password, can view and edit pdf file.


b) Close the pdf document, on the main page, click [Combine PDF].



c) Drag the password protected file to the window. PDFelement prompted out window, key in Open password "1234", (view only, not editable).



d) document added successfully.



e) click [Next], a combine PDF was generated, with password removed.



f) for comparison, an password encrypted pdf, if Open password ("1234") was used, it will prompted said it is restricted document.



I personally like this feature, I have several password encrypted pdf, with read-only password protected. I can view, but cannot modify the pdf file. Using this method I can remove the password and edit the pdf :). 


PDFelement version : Version

Operating System : Win10Pro

Password protected pdf was attached as well for verification

  • das.pdf is the original pdf
  • das-PasswordProtected.pdf encrypted with open password "1234" and permission password "abcd"



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Hi there,

Thank you so much for your feedback, we haven't not notice that combine will remove permission password, I will issue this the our programmer for a further discuss.

Thank you again for your efforts, it means a lot to us.

Have a nice day,


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Great discovery.

I checked and I could bypass the protection and for external protected pdf files created with another program than PDFelement.

One of the great feature of PDFelement is that you can open password protected document. It helped me a lot in my work.

Now I can edit them too.

I am thinking of this more like a feature now 🙂

P.S.  This is candid humour.

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