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Underline and Stright-through sometime does not work

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On some pdf document, apply [underline] and [strike-through] function ([Edit] --> [properties]) have no effect.

Actually it is working, but it give me a feeling they are not applied on the same layer, instead, look like the picture showed below.


and it happened on most of the OCR converted documents or document with watermark.


1) Open a PDF, here I used "das.pdf", click the [Perform OCR] button


2) After conversion, a das_OCR tab is opened, and PDFelement switch to Edit tab.


3) Apply the [Bold], [Italic], [Underline], [Strike through]



PDFelement version : Version

Operating System : Win10Pro

Password protected pdf was attached as well for verification

  • das.pdf is the original pdf

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Posted (edited)

I am sorry I accidentally pressed [Enter] and the post was submitted. 

3) Continue with point 3. Apply [Bold], [Italic], [Underline] and [Strikethrough], [Subscript], [Superscript], the effect are shown below.


4) Can see that all action, except action 3 (underline) and action 4 (strikethrough), are correctly displayed.

5) Zoom out the document, select the what I called "OCR dirt layer", delete the layer.


6) The text effect appear.


7)  This is why I feel the [underline] and [strikethrough] are not at the same layer as other effect. it will be good to set it to same "layer".



PDFElement version : V7.0.0.4222

OS Version : Win 10 Pro

Attached file for verification

- das.pdf   : Original, screen captured pdf

- das_OCR.pdf : after OCR conversion




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