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Based on this entry in the PDFelement blog, the ability to perform subtraction and division was added in PDFelement 6.8.0 for Windows.¹ 😕 The omission of these core arithmetic operations is actually Adobe’s fault, as the core calculations of sum, product, average, minimum, and maximum, is the full complement of calculations available in Adobe Acrobat. Not including all four arithmetic operations did and does not make any sense. Worse, Wondershare’s choice to only include subtraction and division in the Windows edition also makes not sense, as there is no magic Windows-only API that facilitates these basic arithmetic operations only in Windows.

I am guessing that PDFelement 7 for Windows still includes the ability to perform subtraction and division, but PDFelement 7 Pro for macOS, still lacks this capability. Along with a number of growing pains issues in PDFelement 7, this omission needs to be corrected.²

¹ This is the kind of thing that has always irked me about cross-platform software. Excepting features that invoke or are heavily dependent on a feature of the operating system—e.g., the macOS Character Viewer—there is no reason for most features not to be available for each addition of the software. In fact, where the Windows edition added support for subtraction and division in v6.8, PDFelement 6 Pro for macOS never went beyond v6.7.6.

² PDFelement 7.0 seems like it is a work in progress, but that is not unexpected in a .0 release.

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