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I've been trying to follow the 'instructions' in the very recent "PDFelement Tip" about changing the 'default' PDF Page size: I still can't quite get it to do so, but the info I'd like to pass on to those who set up the program defaults is that perhaps the most common everyday size of a sheet of paper in Europe (i.e. outside of the US!) is A4. Yet the 'standard' offerings in your program stop before A4!!

In the last 50 years (since decimalisation here in the UK) I've rarely come across a PDF issued on A2, let alone A0, or A1, so might I enquire as to why A4 or A5 are not directly supported? After all, I've got better things to do with my brain than try to remember the exact dimensions (in millimetres!) of a sheet of A4 and enter them when I want to create a PDF. I'm also slightly confused as, to the best of my knowledge, a sheet of B4 paper is exactly the same size as a sheet of A4 but has simply been rotated by 90 degrees (aka turned from portrait to landscape).

As a suggestion, such details might be linked to the user's location - which would then allow US users to use their normal Letter size, and European users to default to our A sizes.

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