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Bug update/installation pdfelement atcuf32.dll error

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Hello !

I really hope you can help me, otherwise my product is useless and I'll ask a refund...

I wanted to use the product, and a box prompted asking to update the software. I accepted, and the update failed saying this:

image.png.0e32259357b1329794af4d326a0be78b.pngatcuf32.dll error

I saw the update uninstalled the software, and I guess it did not had the opportunity to reinstall it because of the bug.

When I tried to reinstall the software pdfelement, the same message appeared and the installation is always stuck near completion, around 80% or 90%.


The above Error keeps being prompted even when clicking OK.

I tried reinstalling the first version I installed but I had the same issue.

Please help me. I really like the software and I need it.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards,

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