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The More You Know: Mouse Triggers

The ability to create a form can come in very handy. You can make complicated and lengthy documents – such as contracts or applications – fillable and easy to complete within minutes. You’ve likely played around with the text field properties to see what you can do to make your forms even more awesome and accessible, and you may have come across a drop-down menu full of mouse triggers. Typically, mouse triggers are used to set off specific actions, such as refreshing the form or opening a link online.      mouse2.jpg
Have you ever wondered what mouse triggers actually do? Or why there are six different actions? When I first learned PDFelement, I ignored mouse triggers because I only needed one action to do what I wanted with my form. But my curiosity got the better of me, and I figured that many of you might be confused and seeking answers as well. 
After reaching out to a former customer service representative who really knew the ins and outs of the software, and doing a bit of experimentation myself, I’ve come up with a definition for each trigger.  
  1. Mouse up: The release after a click. After the mouse’s button goes up, this action will ensue.  
  2. Mouse down: The mouse-click. When the mouse’s button is pressed down, this action will ensue. 
  3. Mouse enter: This action will ensue when you move the pointer so that it enters the form field. 
  4. Mouse exit: When the pointer leaves the form field, this action will ensue. 
  5. On focus: This action will ensue when the form field has been clicked on and is being focused on. 
  6.  On blur: When the form field is out of focus, which happens when another place or button has been clicked, this is the action that will ensue. 
Other quick fun facts for form field properties: 
The options for formatting List Box properties can be a little tricky too. Here are a few keywords: 
  • Sort items: this will reorder the listed items numerically and alphabetically. 
  • Multiple selection: this will allow users to choose more than one item on the list. 
  • Commit Selected Value Immediately: this will save the value as soon as the user selects it. If this option is not selected, the value is saved only when the user exits the current field or clicks into another form field. 
I hope this article gave a thorough explanation of mouse triggers and how they work. Was there anything in this article that surprised you? Drop a comment below, and make sure you let us know what other functions you want to learn more about in the future! 
We also have an online forum where you can get your PDFelement questions answered. Hope to see you there! 
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