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The More you Know: Enabling Updates

Have you noticed other users getting updates but don’t know how to get them yourself? Are you unsure if you have the latest version installed? In today’s post, we’ll discuss how to install the latest version of PDFelement and make sure you are getting all the updates. This quick tutorial will ensure that you are able to a) determine the exact version of PDFelement you have installed, and b) set up manual/automatic updates. 
First, here is how to check which version you have installed: 
On Mac:         
1)      Go to “PDFelement 6 Pro” tab > “About” 
2)      A pop-up will appear. 
 updates1.png  updates2.png
On Windows: 
1)      Go to “Help” > “About” 
2)      A pop-up will appear. 
Secondly, if you want to know how to set up manual or automatic updates, simply follow these steps: 
On Mac: 
1)      Go to the “PDFelement 6 Pro” button > Preferences 
2)      A pop-up will appear with 3 options. Click on “Update.” 
3)      You will get the option to either manually check for updates (which is good for people who like to wait and see how others find the new update before switching over themselves), or automatically have the system check for you. You’ll be able to set it for daily, weekly, or monthly checks. 
If you don’t think you have the latest version, you can always hit the large “check for updates” button at the bottom of the pop-up. Or, alternatively, you can go to “Help” > “Check for Updates.” 
On Windows: 
1)      Go to “File” > “Preferences” > “Update” 
2)      A pop-up will appear. You can select to “Turn off automatic updates” or select the frequency you would like PDFelement to check for updates. 
Similar to the Mac product, there is also the option to quickly check for updates without leaving your current screen: Go to “Help” > “Check for updates.” 
And there you have it! This is how you check which version of PDFelement you have installed, as well as how you can set up update frequencies for PDFelement. 
Any questions or tutorial requests? Comment below! 
We also have an online forum where you can get your PDFelement questions answered. See you there! 
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