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The Top 5 Document Collaboration Tools

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Teamwork is crucial to the success of any business. But the big question is – how do you ensure your team collaborates successfully in today's virtual business world?
Before the digital age, a “team” meant people sharing the same office space. However, with the rise in virtual technology, many business owners have moved toward remote teams and digital collaboration. According to statistics from the American Community Survey, telecommuting has grown by 115 percent between 2005 and 2015, nearly 10x faster than the rest of the workforce. Further research highlighted in the Harvard Business Review, confirms that the performance of the telecommuting populations increased dramatically by 13 percent over the course of nine months of ditching the traditional office setting.

A shift towards remote work means that the need for virtual communication and collaboration tools is greater than ever. Fortunately, there are a ton of options out there that can help your team work together from any location. Frombrainstorming, to running productive meetings online, the options are endless.

We’ve compiled a list of the best document collaboration tools on the market. The following applications are well worth checking out, whether you work as a team in the office or remotely. Plus, using PDFelement alongside these tools makes teamwork even easier:

1. Slack
Slack is an incredibly smart collaboration tool with millions of users around the globe. It allows you to send real-time direct messages to your employees or coworkers individually or as a group. The app also features a video calling option and a searchable record of all your files and conversations. Another interesting feature you should explore on Slack is the ability to organize conversations into different channels (perhaps for specific projects, technical support, general meetings, etc.). The app allows for integrations with a growing number of handy services and apps including Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box. The free plan has limited functions, but the paid version offers more capabilities.

2. Google Docs
Google Docs is probably the most popular and well-known application on this list. It is a free cloud service from Google that enables teams to collaborate on documents in real time. You can work on documents over the cloud, edit or make a document "a view only" file, and access shared data on any device. Unlike most document collaboration tools, you do not need to download a special application to enjoy Google Docs. Once you create a Google ID or Gmail account, you are automatically qualified to use Google Docs. You’ll enjoy 15GB of cloud storage on the free plan, which often is more than enough if you have a small team.

3. Dropbox Paper
Dropbox Paper is an easy-to-use, flexible web-based document collaboration tool from Dropbox. The platform allows teams to create, review, revise, manage and organize shared documents in real time. The tool allows embedding of video or audio into Dropbox Paper by merely copying and pasting the URL into the Paper document. There's also be the ability to share files with team members individually or as a group, manage access to documents, assign tasks to a team member with mentions and get feedback in real time.

4. Trello
Trello is another respected project management tool that allows you to organize projects and collaborate on them easily. Trello's boards, lists, and cards let you organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible and rewarding way. Plus, you can create to-do-lists and delegate tasksamongst your team members. You can also input comments in each card as a means of giving feedback to others. The platform is integrated with top utility apps like Evernote, GitHub, Google Drive and Slack. The best thing about Trello is that you are empowered to customize the tool according to your needs with features like board backgrounds, emoji reactions, and stickers.

5. Bit.ai
Bit.ai is one of the newest document collaboration tools on the market, but its unique feature-packed platform means it’s a strong competitor even to more established applications on this list. Bit.ai helps you create, manage and track documents. Apart from allowing multiple users to collaborate on documents, users are also allowed to share YouTube videos, SoundCloud Playlists, Google Docs, One Drive Excel Spreadsheets, GIFs, Tweets, Pinterest boards and more. The app's minimalistic design won't necessarily wow you, but you will surely love the app's abilities to track engagement levels on shared documents, customize options, search easily, create smart workspaces and more. It lets you collaborate and work effectively with teams of any size.

And there you have it – our picks for the best document collaboration tools currently on the market! Have any other suggestions? Let us know in the comments! 


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