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  1. Yesterday
  2. Tabbitatt

    How do I create drop down lists?

    I need to create an intake form and need to have the option to make several drop down lists that once you click on them they have 5+ options to choose from.
  3. I am having the exact same issue. Is there a third party utility that will actually allow me to remove this software?
  4. Guest

    PDFelement 7 for existing users

    I've upgraded my MacBook Pro to Catalina. After that I've never been able to use PDF Element 6 Pro anymore!!! I had bought 1 licence for €90.95 + 24 months wuarrantee €4.50. The technical service has not been able to help. Do you have any experience about that?
  5. Nadine Ryan

    files failing to load

  6. Tia

    Thanksgiving is Here

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  7. Last week
  8. When I print a PDF from PDFelements 6 Business the print screen stays open. Can I change a setting to make the print screen close once the document prints?
  9. There is information in this forum which indicates that the Windows version supports page extracts from a PDF file. I don't see any similar capability in the macOS version. Does someone have a link to the instructions for doing so?
  10. Martin Sauter

    high resolution screen support

    The most recent version I got today (7.3.something) solved the issue. Thank you!
  11. Martin Sauter

    Scaling at high DPI setting

    The most recent version I got today (7.3.something) solved the issue. Thank you!
  12. Bassnote

    Scanning Forms

    Hello everyone! Extremely new to PDF Element. I have been working a couple of hours on a scanned in Credit application form from paper. Trying to convert to editable, fillable form that I can upload to a internet server. I have had 10% success in completion of this one of hundreds forms to be completed. Has anyone had success in this task? I am working with Win10 using a Canon Pixma TR8520 printer/scanner.
  13. wehmann

    Markup text box line width

    I am using PDF Element Pro 7 on a MacBook Air. I use the Markup tools "text box" and "text callout" very often. I don't see a method to increase the line width of the boxes for these two tools. I do see a tool to change the color of the boxes.
  14. When I try to install the curent version of Pdfelemnt inmediatly show a error windows and the install process stops: Runtime Error (at -1:0): Cannot Import EXPANDCONSTANT Intel Dualcore 2.8 gh , 2gb ram, windows xp sp3 uptodate.
  15. I don't see how to search the forums.
  16. SteveU75

    Is there a way to do Bulk OCR.

    Is there a way to tell pdfelement to ocr all of the files in a folder and subfolders
  17. Mona Nüssli


    How I can change the tab-numbers in PDFelement7?
  18. deeppal

    Write a Review to Get PDFelement for Free!(Ended)

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  19. deeppal

    wondershare video converter

    Use Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a very capable app for converting video files from one format to another. With it, you are also able to download, watch, transfer, edit and create all manner of video files from nearly any source you choose. https://www.stillbonsoftware.com/video-converter-ultimate/
  20. deeppal

    Convert PDF to Excel

    However, if you want to convert some confidential PDF files to Excel, it isn't an ideal choice without a doubt. In that situation, my suggestion is to get an efficient PDF to Excel converter.
  21. Shen

    PDF merge is not possible

    Hello, Sorry for all the inconvenience caused to you. The PDFelement 6 Pro does support combine PDF. Please follow the image and try again. If you still can't use this function, please contact our Support Center for more help. http://support.wondershare.com/#/contact
  22. Shen

    Change Email address on licence

    Hello, Please contact our support certer for more help since there is privacy information of yours. http://support.wondershare.com/#/contact
  23. Shen

    Add image in a form

    Hello, Please check the screenshot to add image.
  24. Shen

    Printing problem

    Hello, Sorry for all the inconvenience caused to you. In order to better help you, please send us screenshot of the problem page to our support center for more help. http://support.wondershare.com/#/contact
  25. Shen

    PDF Zeichnungen

    Hello, Sorry for all the inconvenience caused to you. Can you show us the screenshot so that we better know what's happening here and figure it out.
  26. Shen

    Cannot unlock the program

    Hello, Sorry for all the inconvenience caused to you. We just send your license and password to your email via pdfelement@wondershare.com. Please check it.
  27. uglyWonders

    PDF Zeichnungen

    leer gedruckt. Weiß jemand ob man das Programm eigentlich (zuverlässig) nutzen kann?
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