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  1. Julian Ertelt

    about to give up on wondershare

    Hi Michael, while I don't work for the support team, I noticed your case and would like to offer some directions. Firstly, the correct login to the Wondershare ID license portal for PDFelement 7 can be found under this direct link: https://account.wondershare.com/auth/account/#/teamid?brand=pdfelement7&redirect=https%3A%2F%2Faccount.wondershare.com%2Fapp228970969002146&lang=en-us Wondershare Passport is something different, unrelated to PDFelement's Wondershare ID, you can ignore it. We also have a support email, PDFelement@wondershare.com, which you can contact directly.
  2. Julian Ertelt

    Cant edit pdf file

    Hi Jacques, the file you shared is a scanned document. In order to edit scanned files, you need to convert them to editable documents via using the OCR function. I tested it and I could edit it without problems after conversion:
  3. Julian Ertelt

    Searching a document

    Hi Sherry, you can search documents for keywords by clicking on the magnifying glass under the "Home" tab, or in the toolbar on the left: The document you are searching must be searchable or editable. If you are dealing with scanned files, you will need to convert them to searchable and/or editable format first via the OCR function.
  4. Julian Ertelt

    New User Assistance

    Hi Sandy, thank you for your question! Imposition is a function that is not supported by PDFelement nor by Adobe Acrobat - however, there are paid plugins/addons that will add an imposition feature to Adobe Acrobat, which is most likely what you were using before. While there are no dedicated addins for PDFelement, there are other small solutions out there that allow imposition, such as this one: http://www.imposeonline.com/ (Wondershare is not affiliated with this company; it's merely what I personally found online while searching for an imposition tool). You may also find that compiling two pages into one can be done through the edit function by highlighting all the components of one page and "copy/paste" it onto the other page. This could be a feasible workaround for smaller (few pages) documents:
  5. Julian Ertelt

    Can I add redaction function to PDFElement 6?

    Hi Dave, we do support redaction of documents, however this function is only available in the "Pro" version of PDFelement. You can upgrade from within the software by clicking the "Upgrade to Pro" (or similar, I can't recall) button in the top right corner.
  6. Julian Ertelt


    Hi Domarina, I apologize for the delay, our support is currently a bit shortstaffed. I was not able to find a license based on your email domain or email address, can you please advise our support team of your order number and we will be able to supply you with your license credentials. I just pinged our support to follow up with you - the direct email address for our support team is pdfelement@wondershare.com
  7. Julian Ertelt

    Academic License

    Yes, the Academic License is perpetual by default. As PDFelement is currently offered in the form of both, Perpetual and Annual licensing, please double-cheque on your invoice before paying. It should always default to perpetual licensing, however, and will not expire even after expiry of your student ID
  8. Julian Ertelt

    Update Error!

    Hi everyone, Version 6.7.12 is the most recent version of PDFelement 6 Professional for Mac, while the Windows version is currently 6.8.10. The advertising of version 6.8 on the Mac OS product page is an unfortunate copywriting error, and it appears that instead of "There are no updates available at this time", the software displays a standard error message indicating connectivity issues. I forwarded this issue to the team, and on behalf of Wondershare, I apologize for the resulting confusion.
  9. Julian Ertelt

    PDF Portfolio

    PDFelement does not yet support the creation and opening of PDF portfolios at this point - sorry!
  10. Julian Ertelt

    OCR Process Cancelled due to Unexpected Error

    Hi Mako, you are asking this question at a great moment in time - OCR in virtual environments will be supported by the end of this month via an update to the OCR plugin. I am sending you my contact information for future reference so I can provide you with further information to help you with the evaluation!
  11. Julian Ertelt


    Hi Davide, version 6.6.2 had a number of performance issues which were repaired under the most recent hotfix, 6.6.3. Please update and let me know if the problems persist, but it should resolve them!
  12. Julian Ertelt

    Insert a Page from Scanner Option

    Hi Judy, I believe you mean a feature to insert (a) separate page(s) into the documents, like in the menu shown below? We will bring this up to the developers to see if it would be an easy thing to implement next!
  13. Julian Ertelt

    How to "UnRegister" My Account

    Hi Paige, you can unregister the software by following the steps in the attached image below. Once you click "unregister", the software will be reset to the unregistered Trial version and you can enter another license key.
  14. Hi there, you can access updates from within the app.
  15. Julian Ertelt

    I requested a quote but no one has replied back.

    I sincerely apologize for the delay, as we are aiming to contact all inquiries within 24 hours. There was a form forwarding issue in the back-end, so your inquiries were submitted but not forwarded to the team. I will be in touch with more information shortly!

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