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    Overall impression

    I htave been using PDF Element 7 for the past week and have used all of the features. I have used pdf element through many versions, most lately pdf element pro 6. Pdf Element 7is far superior in so many ways, including ease of use, functionality, available features and flexibility. However, absent an on-line manual (ideally with a way to search for a specific topic), I would find it difficult to use as it is different from previous and not everything is intuitive. Fo example, I did not think to look in batch to convert a document to word. Thank you for all the good work!
  2. Andrea Booth

    Problem with filling in a line in a column

    Ok got it - it wasn't intuitive to me but now it makes sense. Hopefully this will all be covered in a manual. Thx.
  3. Hello Ok I successfully converted documents to both word and powerpoint. What a difference between PDF Element Pro 6 and PDF Element 7. The documents covert so much better in 7. The Powerpoint in 7 looked just like the PDF file and was easy to navigate; the powerpoint in Pro 6 did not convert well - even the colors were totally off. I converted a basic document to word in both and 7 duplicated it perfectly; 6 put a box around it. Then I converted a pdf file that had text within boxes. 6 did not convert well (see attached); 7 was fine except for one case where I needed to move up a line to fit everything in the box (see attached as it converted and my fix.) I am a fan of PDF Element 7! FYI I think that a manual that is very clear and easy to follow will be very helpful. Element 7 is much easier to use and navigate once you know how - it's not all intuitive without some instructions. Sample Word 6.docx Sample 7.docx sample 7 fixed.docx
  4. Andrea Booth

    Problem with filling in a line in a column

    I am now able to to use the text menu to type in yes or no in the appropriate box. I also tried to use the form /add checkbox. It puts a blank box on the document. When I try to put a check mark in the blank box. It took awhile to figure out that it opens in preview view and I was able to put in blank box in that view. If I change to edit, I can edit what is there but not add anything. If it's in preview I cannot put in the check mark. So I had to change from preview (where I put in the blank box) to edit view. Is that how it is supposed to work? Also when I was trying to figure it out, a menu came up on the right that included the ability to put in a circle instead of a check mark. I can't figure out what I did to get that menu. How do you get to that menu? Thank you
  5. I was able to find create pdf file and understand that the option to create from a blank file is not available in the Beta but will be in the final version. However, when I go to tool, the only options are add/edit watermark, add or edit background, add or edit background, add or edit headers/footers, ocr recognition, and batch process. I don't see conversion or combine. I have looked at all the drop down menus. Where are they?
  6. Andrea Booth

    New sidebar menus

    I really like the new menus and sidebars. I find them much clearer than previous versions. How they are grouped and the titles really help with ease of use. I also like that the clutter is minimized yet you can open up each one with more options. I am also finding it easier to change the font and have the font remain that way until you change it, which I found harder to do PDF pro 6.
  7. I am attaching a sample page from a document I complete each year using PDF Element (most currently PDF Pro 6). On Pro 6, I can select text and then size the box to fit the Yes or No column and put in a checkmark or yes or no. On PDF 7, I tried to same thing and was able to get the text box but could not get the box to be correctly sized in the right location and then put a check mark or a yes or no. sample .pdf
  8. I also haven PDF 6 Pro and it has more features than this one. When I open PDF 7, it only allows me to open and edit a PDF file. When I open PDF Pro 6, it also has options to create pdf, combine pdf, convert pdf, batch process and templates. Will there be a Pro version of PDF Element 7? If so , what additional features will it have?

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