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  1. Cthog

    Context Menu to Combine PDFs

    Another feature which would be nice to see would be having Windows' context menu (when you right click on several files) allow you to combine the files in PDFelement--another Acrobat feature which is incredibly handy, rather than having to open up PDFElement first, and manually add the files.
  2. Cthog

    Please enable duplex mode

    I use this feature a lot, when I'm printing something out for my own reference, to save paper. Acrobat has duplex in the regular print settings--with PDF element, I have to go through Printer Settings to enable. Not a huge issue, but the ability to simply click a radio button on the print page seems easy enough to implement, and would save some time and hassle.
  3. Cthog

    Dark Mode?

    I'm pretty sure this doesn't exist, as I haven't been able to find it. If not, could we have a "dark mode" skin for PDFelement?

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