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Found 38 results

  1. J1STT

    Measurement Tools

    Are there measurement tools for distance, perimeter and area in PDF Element with scale ratio? There is in Adobe Pro and also the Foxit Reader and Foxit Phantom. Really like the PDF Element layout and functionality but can't find these tools anywhere in the tutorials?
  2. poolside15

    Create bookmarks in iOS App

    Can you create bookmarks in the iOS app? I've not been able to figure out how to do that? Thanks, Janet
  3. I am in the process of evaluating a number of tools that perform OCR and allow extraction of data to Excel. PDFElement 6 Pro is one of the tools I am evaluating. I have installed the trial version of PDFElement 6.3 Pro on Windows Server 2012R2. I opened a sample PDF document and PDFElement detected it was an image-based PDF and suggested to use OCR. This then caused the automatic download and install of the OCR plugin which all seemed to go well. Once the OCR plugin was installed and I again chose to run the OCR process, the dialog popped up asking me to choose between Searchable Text Image and Editable Text. I have tried both options (although Searchable Text Image is preferred for my case) and the OCR process starts, showing the progress bar. However after a few seconds the process fails and displays the following error dialog; The OCR process has to be cancelled because of unexpected error How can I tell what the error is? Please note I do have several trial software packages installed that I have been evaluating for OCR and data extraction, but none of them are running besides PDFElement 6. Thanks, Kevin.
  4. Jack Pipa

    Bookmarks change zoom of page

    Ok. So I always like my pdfs to be "fit page". For initial view I always make sure to select "single page" and "fit page". The problem is that when you create bookmarks, clicking on the bookmark causes the page to zoom in and I have to readjust the zoom to "fit page". Is there any way to make the bookmarks such that the "fit page" zoom is preserved? This is literally the one thing stopping me from buying the full version. Let me add that I need this feature to work when being opened up in Adobe.
  5. HI on attempting to combine files in Ver 5.12.1 I keep getting the following error message: " File(s) Fails to be loaded" when either Drag and Drop OR "Add" on browse. It used to work before but now it does not. Any ideas?
  6. Woody444

    Highlight Text

    Hi, I am using PDFelement Pro for Mac and have multiple non scanned pdf files. I am unable to highlight, underscore, or strikethrough on these files. I select "comment" then "highlight" but am unable to select anything. Thanks, Keving
  7. - Hi, Heidi Chan. - Copy tetext from the web directly and I wanted conwerted to PDFelements format. - Assume that you take a page from a Web resoursce. - To copy a portion or fragment of text/ Then,paste in the working area' .
  8. Kevin Kempton

    fillable form will not print

    Using PDFelement on an iPhone with the latest apple software upgrades entering data into form fields, that data entered into those fields will not print or email. The input data in the form fields is visible on the phone, but nowhere else. Am I missing a step? The original PDF with form fields was created in Adobe Acrobat Pro extended. I now need to fill out forms on my iPhone. Will your program do it?
  9. Donna E

    Form Field Auto Text Font Size

    I have a form set up with fields and the text size is "auto". However sometimes when I have a long name in one of my fields, it cuts it off instead of auto adjusting the font size. Is there an additional setting in properties for my fields that I need to be sure is set? I've noticed adding an additional space at the end of the entered text helps, but not always. Any suggestions?
  10. Tore Simonsen

    Password length for Wondershare account

    Hi, I just signed up to a Wondershare account, but the password length was limited to 16 characters maximum. Why would you limit this? Regards, Tore Simonsen
  11. Hi, I would like to be able to open multiple windows and drag and drop single pages from one file into another. Is that possible with pdfelement?
  12. 我的Email是814169036@qq.com,请告诉我查询激活码是否永久的方法。
  13. "There is no watermark or the watermark was not created from PDFElement 6 Professional" That is the message I receive when trying to remove a watermark from a document I bought. Please help! File is attached
  14. Guest

    Required Data Entry Field

    We have the need for specific form fields to be mandatory, however in the current release there does not appear to be a means to complete this process. Basically we need to ask the end user a Yes/No question. If the answer is 'Yes' we need to have further information gathered before they proceed to the next cell. All we need is for the form to highlight that this cell must be completed PRIOR to emailing, saving, printing etc. Is this functionality possible in the current PDF Element Pro 6???
  15. I'm trying to convert a multiple page pdf to a multiple page tiff. I either get each tiff as a separate document or all images on one page. Any suggestions?
  16. iL_Mattone

    word count option for pdf file ?

    Can anyone tell me if there is a word count option for pdf file using pdfelement pro 6 (os x) ? Thanks. Matt.
  17. Katherine

    Cannot contact in person

    I need to speak to a human being about my account I accidentally purchased 2 packages... please send me an address because I am getting very frustrated. Thank you
  18. Luc Turbide

    Importation of image in PDF form

    Like the new Acrobat DC, is-it possible to create field type IMAGE in PDF form? When we fill the PDF form, I would like to include image. Example: Fill your name here and add your picture here... Luc Turbide
  19. Notimetoulouse

    The OCR function and scanned book pages

    Hi everyone, brand new to the forum so please excuse me if I inadvertently overstep any guidelines. Not realising PDF Element existed, I have been badly bitten by buying another 'OCR your scanned PDF' software that claimed to take a page of a scanned book (with no protection), and create an RTF or word file from it. Testing it on a single page created a few random characters apparently thrown across the page, but nothing meaningful, so I am already out a hundred dollars for no result. I have some scanned PDF's of some rare Regimental memoirs from the First World War and wish to convert them into an RTF or Word document. Will PDF E be able to do that effectively please? As OCR is not included in the trial version the last thing I want to do is spend another amount of money to find out it won't do the job.I've enclosed a sample page so that you can give me an objective answer. If it works, I'll hit the buy button straight away! Thank you. Untitled 2.pdf
  20. AD

    Window size

    Is there a way to resize the window view on a mac? I have tried dragging the edge and the corners but it doesn't work and the window takes up too much of my screen.
  21. I've just bought the version for MAC and I'm unable to perform OCR. During the download of OCR plugin, it appears the message "insufficient storage space. Impossible to continue". I need help
  22. lubbinge

    new computer

    What are the steps to install the program to my new computer?
  23. Hi, I just bought pdfelement 6 Pro (I had the trial version installed for a while on my pc). I have registered the software, but everytime I try to download the latest update, it is impossible to access to the download site (as you can see below). Can you help me ?
  24. I am using PDFelement 6 Pro (version with Windows 10 and Firefox version 56.0.2 I always use the print command from the top "file" menu in Firefox, choosing Wondershare PDFelement as the printer. This converts the web page to pdf and opens it in PDFelement, However I just had to refresh Firefox (like a complete reset) due to a fault. Firefox is working ok again. I keep trying to print a webpage (not pdf, just text) to PDFelement as usual (ie before Firefox reset) and it is not working. Nothing appears in PDFelement. The document is spooled and the printer document box for wondershare says it is printing and then the document gets deleted as expected but nothing appears in PDFelement. Port is Wondershare PDFelement port. ie. it is sent to Wondershare as the printer but never actually gets to PDFelement. I have tried re-installing PDFelement. I have set PDF file type to PDFelement in Windows. Nothing seems to make any difference. Help! I just want it to work as it was before.
  25. For the life of me, I am not able to delete pages in a pdf. Is there an organize or sort view just like in adobe and then page can be selected and delete?

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