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Found 26 results

  1. PDFelement

    The Top 5 Benefits of OCR

    Ditch that paper! With the digitization of paper-based records, not only have we been able to save a ton of trees, but we’ve also been able to increase efficiency in a big way. Digital records are now transferable, sortable, searchable, and more easily archived. However, with a lot of benefits to digitization also come some challenges. Luckily, these challenges can be overcome with a handy tool called OCR. As you might be aware, OCR refers to Optical Character Recognition. This is a technology used to recognize text within digital or scanned documents and photos. You can use this tool to convert virtually any type of image that includes text into an editable text document, even if the text is in handwriting. PDFelement, among many other programs, supports this tool. It’s probably obvious that this technology brings many benefits. Read on to discover the top 5 below: 1. Easy Editing Ever wanted to make changes to an old document you worked on but only have the hard copy available? Maybe you want to copy the formatting of an old form you filled out or created, but again don’t have a digital copy to work off of. The OCR tool is a lifesaver because you can use it to scan and digitize old documents so that you can easily edit them in a word processor or other type of suitable program, rather than having to type the all of the content outagain by hand. This saves a ton of time and manuallabor, and is obviously a major benefit. 2.Stress-free searching After you use OCR to detect the text in your scanned document, you can save your file in a format such as .doc,.txt, .pdf and more. You can view and edit these file types in programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, PDFelement, and more. All of these programs contain an internal searching function that lets you easily search for a certain word or phrase by simply pressing Ctrl+F in Windows or Command+F in Mac. Again, this saves so much time, since you don’t have to manually scroll through the entire document and scan every line to find the section you’re looking for, which can be time-consuming if it’s a lengthy document. 3.Convenient Storage Options Get rid of those filings cabinets! When you digitize documents, you save physical storage space which frees up space in the office for more productive uses, like fitting in more desks and employees, or creating leisure spaces for open seating areas, foosball tables, TVs, you name it! You also reduce the need for paper, and paper storage. 4.Accessibility for Everyone Once you scan and convert your document using OCR, you can make it available to many other users. Essentially, it will be available to anyone who has access to the database you’ve uploaded it to. This can be beneficial since it allows you to give customers access to these digital files, so that they can easily view and review past records such as past payment receipts, purchase history, credit history, etc. and more. Plus, by uploading them to databases like Archive.org you can make these files publicly accessible by anyone around the globe. 5.Top-notch translation tools These days, OCR supports a huge number of languages. English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Indian, you name it. You scan a document in one language, digitized it, and translate it into almost any other language. This also saves time and resources, since you no longer need human translators to manually go through printed documents. This also helps your office productivity, since the turnaround time for projects is muchquicker when you don’t have to wait on translators to get your translated content back to you. Do you have any other benefits to OCR that you think should be mentioned? Let us know in the comments below!
  2. Hi, Have Wondershare PDFelement Pro, on Windows 10 Pro. Received notice new version available. Allowed update to take place and now at version7.4.6.4737. Opened scanned file and the 'We detect scanned PDF, and recommend you to perform OCR . . . [Perform OCR]' banner is displayed. Click on Perform OCR and PDFelement starts OCR recognition. Finishes OCR recognition, new version of document opens up with text editing box on side open. HOWEVER as soon as the document is displayed the We detect scanned PDF, and recommend you to perform OCR . . . [Perform OCR]' banner is displayed again and there was no successful OCR conversion. Try it again and same process repeats itself, another window tab opens with the new document and no OCR recognition.
  3. As part of our Back to School promotion running until September 14th, we are highlighting the ways that PDF software can be useful when it comes to education. This time, we’ll outline the top 5 uses of PDF tools for instructors! With the beginning of the school year comes many challenges for instructors. They return back to long days of teaching, lesson planning, and marking assignments. Their days are packed, so any tool that will help make their lives just a little bit easier is one they should likely invest in. An instructor’s main concern should be on educating their students – helping them understand concepts, explaining and listening to different viewpoints, and giving students all the tools they need to absorb information so they can use it in the future. They don’t want to think about the mundane aspects of their job like how to best markup student papers, share learning material, or fill out a tedious form. This is why a PDF solution like PDFelement can be a real time-saver for instructors now that the school year is starting back up again! Here are the top five ways PDF editing tools can make your life easier as an instructor: 1. You can mark assignments electronically Since everything is done online these days, it makes sense that marking assignments is often done electronically rather than in hard copy as well. Luckily, tools like PDFelement have an abundance of annotation tools. With PDFelement, you can leave comments or sticky notes to draw attention to a certain point or concept, or you can highlight certain sections that you’d like a student to change or review. Not only will you be able to easily make these changes, but you can also easily send the marked up file back to the student who can read and review the changes using PDFelement as well. 2. You can share learning material effortlessly As well, many learning materials are now provided to students in electronic format – either through files or links to educational websites. With PDFelement’s editing features, you can easily put together reading packages for your class, using tools to manage, organize, split pages, add bookmarks, and more. If you do decide that you want to print out the reading materials for your students, you can also easily print to PDF using PDFelement. As well, PDFelement’s OCR features lets you easily scan material from a hard copy textbook that can then be edited and added into the reading package or shared electronically with your students. Most PDF editors allow you to compress and reduce large pdf files as well, so they can be easily shared without compromising quality. This can come in handy when you want to send material to students via email or other platforms online. 3. You can quickly convert files PDFelement lets you export PDFs into other editable formats like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, HTML, and more, while preserving all formatting from the original document. Perhaps you have material in PDF format that you want to present to your class. You can easily export your PDF into a PowerPoint presentation. You can also convert other file formats to PDF effortlessly, while retaining the same formatting and look as the original. Perhaps you require your students to send their papers in PDF format to ensure that no formatting gets misaligned in the process of sending. Students can easily convert their paper written in Word to PDF format with PDFelement, which will help make your life a lot easier when you are reviewing and marking the paper. 4. You can read up on material for lectures Most PDF editing tools come with relevant layouts and settings that offer you advanced reading experience with smooth scrolling and fast search. If you are researching concepts online to include in your next lecture, or if you need to view online PDF content, you can do so easily with tools like PDFelement. You can also markup the text as you go, making notes on what you want to include in your lesson plan, or highlighting certain sections. 5. You can share and fill out forms easily With PDFelement, you can create or edit PDF forms either from scratch or from a template using automatic form field recognition. This is really helpful if you need to create a form for your students to fill out. Perhaps you want to gather feedback about the class by having students fill out a form. Or you might require your students to complete monthly assessments on their work by filling out forms, either online or in hard copy. You can easily create these types of forms, and your students can easily fill them out using PDFelement. Plus, with digital signatures, you or your students can electronically sign forms for saved time and convenience. We hope this school year will be a little easier with the help of PDFelement! If you have any other tips for instructors, let us know in the comments below!

    OCR results in gibberish

    When performing OCR the results are symbols. I am using MacBook Pro 2018. macOS Catalina version 10.15.2
  5. SteveU75

    Is there a way to do Bulk OCR.

    Is there a way to tell pdfelement to ocr all of the files in a folder and subfolders
  6. Hello! In a standalone installation file of OCR Plugin Wondershare PDF Version for elements 7 Pro V. 7.1.0 and later, the problem arises: When downloading OCR online from the interface of Wondershare PDF elements 7 Pro V. 7. 1 there is no problem and the installation is in normal mode.
  7. Stephen Schwambach

    OCR library will not download

    When I try to perform OCR on a pdf using PDFelement Pro 7 it tells me I don't have the OCR library. When I click on the download OCR link, it sits there, does nothing, then asks me to check my Internet connection. My Internet connection is fine. Everything else is working. How can I obtain the OCR library?
  8. Peter Cooper

    Not able to OCR newly scanned Document

    I have recently scanned a document to edit in pdfelement's, as I have in the past. See attached sample of document. Normally the program recognizes that the pdf file needs to be OCR'ed to edit. However there is no option to do that with this pdf. When you look at the pdf, all letters/sentences have box's around them as if it had been OCR'ed, however the boxes contain no text. The original text remains as part of the background picture. There is now no-way to edit this pdf, (that I can see), or to force a OCR. I have recently changed to a canon printer and this is the first pdf I have tried to edit from its scan. A separate issue I have when pdfelement ocr's a pdf. Pdfelements also changes some of the background picture to text, making editing a problem. Is there a way to blank out pictures in a pdf so the OCR will not try to OCR where there is no text. To Make Man whole_Part.pdf
  9. Anita Baruch Jørgensen

    OCR of pdf documents with tables

    Landscape tables tables are virtually impossible to ocr scan with PDF element. Would like development that option to scan tables - the sw would then understand the nature of tables - celles arranged by rows and columns. The current status is way too many merged cells and a result that can not be used in excel
  10. Emilio Mora


    I have tried to download the necessary tools to be able to use the OCR at least three times but it has not worked.
  11. ЮРИЙ

    Some suggestion

    The new edition of Wondershare PDFelement 7 Pro in addition to new features and user-friendly redesigned interface in General has retained all the advantages of the previous version and, in my opinion, has become the most convenient to use. Working with documents has become a bit faster and smoother, documents open quickly (529 pages 207 MB in 6 seconds.) despite the fact that this is still a beta version. The program contains everything you need to create, convert, edit and protect files. I would like to Express my suggestions for the further development of the program: My proposal. - Integrate OCR into the distribution of the professional version, while leaving the same possibility of separate installation (optional). - Make the document navigation button wider and more visible. - Add the "Send to another cloud" button, where you can add several of your cloud storages at will, using the cloud storage link and account data (several pieces in addition to existing ones). - Add the ability to convert to additional formats FB2, MOBI, FB3, DjVu, as well as the creation of PDF from these formats. - Add the ability to use the ribbon and classic toolbar interface with interactive tooltips and the ability to switch them depending on your preferences, as well as use different styles.
  12. Klaas Schuring

    OCR does not finish

    Dear, I have a issue with the OCR. The program does not finish a 3 page pdf document with some text pictures. The pop-up screen informs that the system is not responding. What do I need to do? Regards, Klaas OCR issue.docx
  13. Azeez A

    OCR Not working

    OCR of screenshot of a part of a popular English journal, does not progress more than 37%. The same issue is in 6 pro also. attached screenshot and the file.
  14. The OCR module need to be download before use. After downloading the module, the module was not able to load to the program, instead, the module was kept retry downloading, again and again. In PDFElement, open any PDF file. Go to [Convert] tab, click [OCR] in the first time, the PDFElement will prompt that [OCR Component Download] window, and request to download OCR module, choose [Click to Download] download process kept retrying Restart PDFElement does not resolve the issue (reproducible). PDFElement Version Operating System : Windows 10 Pro p.s. shall I open a topic for each issue, or shall I combine the issue into one topic?
  15. lucchese20

    OCR Text Recognition

    After downloading OCR Plugin and editing text, I was required to download plugin again after moving to another part of the page. Seems odd to have to download plugin more than once.
  16. 21MAY2019 @ 1040-1107 NEW VERSION UPDATED WITH OCR EMBEDDED 1. UNINSTALLED prior version without the OCR embedded 2. DOWNLOADED & REINSTALLED updated version with OCR embedded 3. Install alerted my defender (program might not have been signed by wondershare) showing it is unrecognizable and may be a threat. 4. After done installing, flicker "blue screen" and loss of desktop occurred again. (Please see my previous other post regarding this issue) OCR TESTING: 1. Opened same pdf to test OCR. 2. OCR taken some time due to large file (15.4MB). 3. After several moments, the program became, "Not Responding.." 4. Waited several additional minutes to see if it will fix itself... = 0 null. Program will be terminated and restarted to test same file with OCR. 5. Restarted program, same result as #4 6. Restarted program and performed with different file with selection of "Searchable Text". "OCR failed due to unexpected error" Ended process and restarted with selection of "Editable Text" under OCR. 7. Process too several moments, same result at #6. 8. Performed same test with different file of same category/type and OCR performed as it should. 9. OCR is performing inconsistently with previously made pdf files. Images of errors are posted below this test report. *********************************************************************************
  17. Doing OCR on screen captured parts (without saving as a file) results in blank page (conversion failed?). Whereas saving screen captured parts, followed by OCR process, gets desired text conversion. 1. Open a pdf document, go to [Home], use [Capture a specific part of the document] to select a paragraph 2. Go to [File] and create a new document (here is untitled-2.pdf), leave other setting default value. Click [Blank] to create Untitled-2.pdf. 3. Right click empty area and choose [Paste], to paste the captured area. 4. Go to [Convert], and choose [OCR]. 5. Wondershare PDFelement prompted out message box, ask user whether to save changes before performing OCR. Here I choose [NO] to perform OCR without file saving. 6. An OCR Message box prompt out. leave the setting default. click [OK]. 7. After conversion, a new tab "Untitled-2_OCR" was created, with blank page. (OCR was not done properly) 8. Go back to "Untitled-2" tab, save the file as "haha.pdf". 9. Redo the OCR process. go to [Convert] and click [OCR], on the OCR window, leave the setting default value, and click [OK] 10. After conversion, a new tab "haha_OCR" was created, with OCR converted paragraph. (OCR was success) PDFelement version : V7.0.0.4222 Operating system : Win 10 Pro
  18. SteveU75

    Bulk OCR in a folder Tree

    I have a folder "Properties", Underneath that I have Property 1 and some pdfs and Property 2 also has pdfs. I did a search for Kind:pdf at the properties level and OCRd the files but now the organization is lost, it is just one list of files in the OCRoutput folder. Is there any way to OCR files and put them back in the same directory. Or else create the folder structure in the OCRoutput folder. Otherwise you have to OCR one folder and then put the OCR files from OCRoutput back into that folder and then go back to the next. That would really slow things down. Is there a workaround. What about using Hazel or Alfred? Is there a way to do it like Adobe and OCR the file, add something to the file name to indicated that it has been OCRd, Then you could go back and delete the original files.
  19. My pdf had bookmarks and i saw them and i could click on them but after performing ocr, they stop working!, when I click it does not show the page.
  20. mbdick

    OCR on a UNICODE PDF document

    I occasionally have to OCR a scanned PDF document which is in Unicode but not in one of the OCR languages. It's in 2500-years-old Akkadian. ša i-na bala-e (17) Iiri-ba damar.utu ṭūḫḫeṣi (BTW the last word does not exist but I made it up to indicate the type of letters I use) How do I tweak PDFElement 6 professional to just slavishly render the text as Unicode so I can search it?
  21. Hi! I just bought a PDF Element 6 PRO and downloaded it from your email link. The OCR function does not work. When installing the components, it indicates the inability to connect to the server. No connection to the OCR-server
  22. enigmaeon

    OCR & Registration

    When running PDFElement 6 Pro on my desktop PC, OCR doesn't work at all. The scanned document is recognized as needing OCR, and when I click "Perform OCR" it processes through to completion, but the new document that opens is not editable at all. I also tried recognition only and am not able to search on the file either. I tried downloading the OCR plugins (pdfelement6-ocrv12.exe), but still did not have success. I tried installing on my laptop, and when I first tried to Perform OCR, it said I didn't have the files to do so. I installed the same pdfelement6-ocrv12.exe plugin, and OCR worked just fine on my laptop. I uninstalled PDFElement 6 Pro completely from my desktop, rebooted, and reinstalled the same way I did on my laptop, but OCR still comes back with an uneditable page. Is there now a hidden registry setting on my PC that I am needing to purge? Files I was testing with are attached. Also, because I was trying on a second device, the registration is now broken on my desktop. What do I need to do to clear the registrations so that I can reactivate my desktop? Thank you. doc04358220181026122850.pdf doc04358320181026122856.pdf
  23. Hi, I have purchased the wondershare PDF element 6 pro for mac and am struggling with the OCR feature for scanned documents. When I use it with my document, the format goes crazy and the output becomes unusable or it would take me hours to adjust it. Can you please assist? I join both documents to this message. Thanks! Ca IRPF 2013 CATHERINE.pdf IRPF 2013 CATHERINE.docx
  24. Scott K

    OCR Download

    I just purchased PDF Element 6 PRO with the intent of annotizing scanned documents and when it prompts me to press the button to download the OCR Component, I get an error that "There was a problem connecting to the server"... I've been trying to do this for the last eight hours and continue to get the same error message. Is there some other way to get the OCR File and manually install it??? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  25. Zulfan Qasim

    page cropped after OCR

    Hi All, My name is Zulfan and i have used this tool since 2017. However, i now have some issue with OCR feature in this software, especially for table in landscape scanned PDF format (scanned by other apps in windows). Suddenly the page margin changed after OCR process, so the left margin was increase and the right margin was decreased, cause the table were not fully shown after OCR as they slide to the right, so some part of the rightmost column of the table were "cut" / out of page. Anyone else has this problem and understand how to fix this issue? MacBook Retina Early 2015 macOs High Sierra (version 10.13.6) Wondershare PDFelement 6 Pro -Version

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